A Free Teleclass With Martha Beck & Lissa Rankin

Do you yearn for peace
in a chaotic world?

Are you in the midst of a life transition
that leaves you longing for stillness?

Do you have a spiritual hunger
that isn’t getting fed?


Martha Beck, PhD & Lissa Rankin, MD are inviting you to gather together in soul community for 90 minutes of inspiration, connection, and respite.

You’ll know this teleclass is the right fit to soothe your soul if:

  • Your “to do” list is making you so crazy that it feels yummy to set it aside and focus on peace
  • You’re curious what it would feel like to have a group experience of pure peace
  • You’re interested in how living your own purposeful life might affect the health and healing of the planet
  • You’d love to learn tools for how to experience more stillness and connection in everyday life
  • You’re sick and tired of always feeling sick and tired
  • You’re enthusiastic about spirituality
  • You’ve experienced a crisis such as divorce, loss of a loved one, getting fired, bankruptcy, or a cancer diagnosis, and it has left you with a deep desire to get closer to a spiritual Source
  • You’re suffering from fear, anxiety, or stress and you’re craving relief at a soul level
  • You know you’re being called to some sort of spiritual service, and you sense that peace is the prescription to prepare you for this service
  • Strange mystical things you can’t explain rationally have been happening
  • You’ve tried meditating but you’re finding it hard to stick with it
  • You feel like you’re all alone, like you haven’t quite found the right tribe of like-minded seekers in your neck of the woods
  • You’re hiding in the spiritual closet and ready to come out in a safe way
  • You’re not afraid of growth
  • You sense that everything is falling apart but there’s a rightness to the change, if only you can stay in a state of peace

If this sounds like you, we invite you to join us for a FREE collective experience of peace on Monday, September 8, 2014 at 12:00 pm–1:30 pm PT.

Can’t make the live call? Register anyway and we’ll send you the recording!

During this 90-minute Invitation to Peace teleclass, you will:

  • Experience a feeling of “entrainment” as the soul community we’ll create, united by love and intention, drop each other into an energetic vibration of pure peace (Be forewarned, we might zap the phone lines with all that cosmic voltage!)
  • Learn one key tool for reproducing the kind of peace you’ll experience here anytime you need it
  • Understand one surprising health benefit of peace
  • Get turned on to the mystical side effects that can run hand in hand with dropping into a state of peace
  • Learn how spending as much time as possible in the state of peace you’ll feel during this teleclass can not only change your whole life; it could save the world

In a culture dominated by busyness, competition, greed, chaos, and overwhelm, we need peace now more than ever, especially given the shift in consciousness that will be necessary in order to save the planet. If your body is giving you the full body “YES!,” trust that feeling as your body compass signal that you are one of the spiritual warriors being called to service at this critical time in human evolution. (Yes, we mean you.) We look forward to communing with you . . .

In peace,

Martha & Lissa

mb_1Martha Beck, PhD is a writer and life coach who specializes in helping people design satisfying and meaningful life experiences. She holds a bachelor’s degree in East Asian Studies and master’s and PhD degrees in sociology, all from Harvard University.

She worked as a research associate at Harvard Business School, studying career paths and life-course changes in today’s economic and social environment. Before becoming a life coach, Dr. Beck taught sociology, social psychology, organizational behaviour, and business management at Harvard and the American Graduate School of International Management. She has published academic books and articles on a variety of social science and business topics.

Her non-academic books include the New York Times bestsellers Expecting Adam and Leaving the Saints, as well as Finding Your Own North Star: Claiming the Life You Were Meant to LiveSteering by StarlightFinding Your Way in a Wild New World: Reclaiming Your True Natureand her newest book, The Martha Beck Collection: Essays for Creating Your Right Life. Dr. Beck has also been a contributing editor for many popular magazines, including “Real Simple” and “Redbook”, and is currently a columnist for “O, the Oprah Magazine”.

More information can be found at marthabeck.com, including Dr. Beck’s lively blog posts and video blogs, books, speaking appearances, and life coaching strategies and suggestions.

Martha lives on California's Central Coast with her family.

lissaLissa Rankin, MD is a physician, author, speaker, teacher, and founder of the Whole Health Medicine Institute. She is passionate about what lies at the intersection of science and spirituality and is committed to awakening consciousness not just in the field of health care, but in how we align with our soul's purpose in all aspects of our lives. She teaches several teleclasses, including Medicine For The Soul, Find Your Calling, and Visionary Ignition Switch. Her next book, The Fear Cure, will be published by Hay House in 2015.

When not spreading the word, she paints, practices yoga, skis, and hikes. She lives in Marin County, California with her daughter.

To subscribe to Lissa's blog or learn more about her other programs, sign up at LissaRankin.com.


If you  have registration questions, please contact us at info@cominghometoyourspirit.com.