Do you yearn for more peace in your busy life?

Are you in the midst of a life transition that has left you with a hunger for a deeper connection to Spirit?

Do you sense that there’s a light within you that’s finally ready to radiate unapologetically?

If so, we want you to know you’re not alone.

In a culture dominated by busyness, competition, greed, chaos, judgment, polarization, and overwhelm, the only way we will transcend is to remember that we are not drones slogging our way through the challenges of human life; we are spirits having a human experience! Yet what is this ephemeral spirit people talk about? How do we access it? And even more importantly, how do we learn to trust it so we can let it guide us to our true life purpose? These are the kinds of questions we are committed to exploring with you if you’re ready.


This 8 week Virtual Global Gathering of “The Team” as Martha calls it, is a virtual workshop series intended to help you dive in, expand, unapologetically express your true self, bust limiting beliefs, break old patterns, and let go of any control freak tendencies (no judgment—we have them too!). This kind of spiritual commitment clears out the junk so you can be free of whatever causes you to get in your own way. During this program, we’re pretty damn sure you’ll be yearning to say YES to whatever your spirit is calling you to do. And don’t worry—we promise you’ll also laugh A LOT. (This may be news to you, but spiritual life is really WAY fun. Trust us, the Universe has a wicked sense of humor and laughter is medicine for the soul.)

As Joyce Carol Oates said, “I don’t understand why people make a fuss over me as a writer. I’m just the garden hose water flows through.” This program is really about cleaning the gunk out of the garden hose so your spirit can flow through you and light you up in all areas of your life. Spirit is right there, within you, just waiting to break through into every area of your life. And when you connect with your spirit—who you really are . . . WHOA! Get ready to strap on your seat belt because right about then, life gets very mysterious, very magical, and very purposeful. . .

Coming Home To Your Spirit is your invitation to peace, not just for yourself, but for everything you influence with your life and spirit. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to commit to your own spiritual awakening so that you can be the gentle spiritual power you know in your heart you’re meant to be.

Now more than ever, we need to transcend the hyper-materialist culture that has sabotaged our peace, purpose, and passion, not to mention the well-being of our planet. We need to connect with our spirits from a place of intuitive knowing, true surrender, and peaceful stillness that is the shift in consciousness necessary in order to keep our beloved planet fit for future generations of humans to enjoy. This program is intended to help you make that transition as easefully, joyfully, and peacefully as possible.

How will you know this program is for you? We invite you to take this little quiz:

  • You know your life is more than your “to-do” list, but you’re not sure how to let that list go
  • You’re sensitive to all the disruptive energies on the planet right now, and you’re yearning for some tools that will help you rest in Beingness so you can do what you must to be a force for change
  • You’re interested in how your inner peace might affect the health and healing of the planet
  • You’d love to learn tools for how to experience more stillness and joy in everyday life
  • You’re sick and tired of always feeling sick and tired
  • You suffer from what Reba Riley calls “post-traumatic church syndrome,” so you’re allergic to religion but craving a deeper connection to spirituality outside conventional religious constructs
  • You’ve experienced a crisis such as divorce, loss of a loved one, getting fired, bankruptcy, or a frightening diagnosis, and it’s left you with a deep desire to get closer to a spiritual Source
  • You’re suffering from fear, anxiety, or depression and you’re craving relief at a soul level
  • You know you’re being called to some sort of spiritual service, and you sense that peace is the prescription to prepare you for this service
  • Strange mystical things you can’t explain rationally have been happening to and around you
  • You’ve tried meditating but you’re finding it hard to stick with it
  • You feel like you’re all alone, like you haven’t quite found the right tribe of like-minded seekers
  • You’re hiding in the spiritual closet—in your work or among your friends—and you're ready to come out in a safe way
  • You’re willing to let go of what you are to become what you’re destined to be
  • You’re willing to reframe even the most challenging adversity as an opportunity for soul growth
  • You’re ready to take a leap of faith, in spite of what everybody might think
  • You’re interested in finding out how to find inner peace wherever you are—without necessarily making big life changes
  • You’re exhausted from trying to pretend your life is perfect
  • You feel depressed, anxious, or chronically worried, but you know it doesn’t have to be this way
  • You struggle to build healthy, nurturing relationships but you sense that they’re right around the corner, if only you can shift what needs to shift
  • You sense that everything is falling apart but there’s a rightness to the change, if only you can stay in a state of peace

If you’re like many other members of The Team, we suspect you’ll start to feel the full body “YES” right about now—and your logical mind won’t even know why. Don’t take our word for it. Check in with your body “compass” (your body will always tell you the truth) and see what you notice. If you already know this course is for you, go ahead and register now. If you’re not sure, keep reading, and we’ll give you more of the skinny.


This program is probably NOT for you if:

  • All things spiritual bore you
  • You’re perfectly peaceful and content with your life just as it is
  • You’re married to being a victim of your adversity
  • You get squeamish if anyone talks about a Higher Power
  • You’re only okay with talking about deities if it’s YOUR deity
  • You’re taking this program to please someone else
  • You’re getting secondary gain from being a victim of your life- and you’re not ready to let go of what you’re getting
  • You want what you want, and you’re committed to trying to get it, even if it’s not what’s necessarily aligned with your unique purpose
  • You have a tendency to sabotage yourself and you’re not interested in changing that pattern

Why Martha & Lissa Feel Called to Lead This Program

Martha’s Story

mb_1Now, if you’ll indulge me, I’d like to tell you the story that brought me to this moment with you.My twenty-ninth year of life pretty much sucked. I was working my way through school while raising three kids under the age of five, one with Down syndrome. I was under immense pressure both at home and at work, and I was also going on a decade of mysterious autoimmune symptoms that kept me in constant physical pain. No one knew exactly what was wrong with me, but every system in my body seemed to be weakening and falling apart.One day while teaching a class, I had a sudden burst of pain in my pelvic region. It was so severe I passed out. I was rushed to a doctor, who recommended emergency surgery. During the procedure, while under anaesthesia, I suddenly found myself completely alert but free from pain. Startled, I looked around the room—which was odd, because my eyes were closed. Yet I could see everything quite clearly.

I sat up, which was even odder, because my body still lay flat on the operating table. For a minute or so I watched the surgical team operating on me. They had found internal bleeding from scar tissue left by a previous trauma, and were checking for other problems. I lay back down, wondering what was happening to me.

Surgical lights are extremely bright. I know that because I stared up at them for a while. But about a minute after I became alert, another light appeared between the radiant panels above me. It was small at first, about the size of a golf ball, but even so, it outshone the surgical lights by a ratio of about a million to one. Yet it didn’t hurt my eyes; in fact, it was soothing and unbelievably beautiful. It’s impossible to explain how a ball of white light could be the most beautiful thing I’d ever experienced, but it was.

As I stared at the light, fascinated, it began to grow, filling the room. When it touched me, my whole body was flooded with warmth, sweetness, comfort, and peace. But the physical sensation was nothing compared to the emotions the light brought with it. It was like being wrapped in an indescribably loving embrace, exquisitely soft, unbelievably powerful.

I began to weep with wonder and intense relief as my usual anxiety and unhappiness gave way to joy, to a sense that I was finally, finally home. It was obvious to me that the light was conscious, a Presence whose intelligence and love exceeded anything accessible to human imagination. It knew my thoughts, and could communicate without any need for words.

For a moment I thought—I confess, I hoped—I was dying. But the light “told” me that I wasn’t. “This isn’t just the way you’ll feel after you die,” it seemed to say. “It’s the way you’re supposed to feel while you’re alive.” In fact, learning to experience this Presence while still in a physical body seemed to be the whole idea of being human.

I came out of that surgery obsessed with figuring out how to relocate the inexpressible joy the light brought with it. I use the term “relocate” because the light had told me it is always with me—and with every other living being.

First I asked the anesthesiologist what he’d given me (hoping that maybe he’d write me a prescription for more). He told me that he had seen me shedding tears on the operating table and become worried that I was in pain. But as he prepared to increase the dose of anesthesia, a voice had told him, “Don’t. She’s fine. She’s crying because she’s happy.” He said that in thirty years of medical practice, this had never happened to him before.

While disappointed that I couldn’t simply drug myself to Nirvana, I set out to do what the light had told me was the purpose of my life: to feel the Presence of that extraordinary energy while living an ordinary human life.

That’s how I started on the path that led me to do what I’m doing right now. Since that surgery, I’ve stumbled and bumbled around, always trying to re-access the exquisite happiness that I’ve come to think of as every human’s true nature. Sometimes I’ve done things that I thought would take me back to that feeling, and ended up miserable. Oops. Other times I’ve done things that seemed weird, but worked amazingly well. And as I learned, I realized that whatever made me feel most joyful also worked best in the practical aspects of my life: work, relationships, health, everything.

All the self-help I’ve ever written, all the coaching I’ve ever done, has been driven by my attempt to let go of everything that is not that Light, that Presence. Whenever I found something that worked, I’d write it or teach it, trying to help others find joy, guidance, and healing without as many blunders and delays, as I’ve experienced.

So that’s why I’m doing this right now. I want you to feel the joy of your true nature, your deep, vast, wild, unfathomable spirit. But this isn’t a class about achieving states of bliss through mystical states. It’s about connecting with your spirit through the process of living your life—or, as I’d rather put it, leading your life.

Lissa’s Story

lissaAs children, we are all born with healthy, vital spirits, and after a happy childhood, my soul was still very alive through my teen years, but my medical education changed all that. After a decade of selling out my soul in service to an admittedly traumatic medical education, my spirit got a bit lost under a fog of Small Self which I unwittingly built up to protect myself, not realizing that the very thing I thought would keep me safe created decades of unnecessary suffering in the form of physical health problems, failed relationships, and the symptoms of what the shamans call “soul loss.” What do I mean by soul loss? It tends to show up as a shadowy mix of depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, physical pain, poor sleep, a lagging sex life, a loss of meaning and purpose, a feeling of disconnection with other people and the Divine, failure to respond fully to any Western medical or psychiatric treatment, a lot of fear-based decision-making, and dark nights of the soul. Yet the worst part of this kind of soul loss is that most people don’t even realize they’re affected by it. They just feel sort of low . . . and that’s how I felt after twelve years of medical education and eight years of practicing as a very successful doctor in San Diego. Then my Perfect Storm hit in 2006.

Before my Perfect Storm, on the outside, it looked like I had the perfect life. I made a cushy six-figure living in a job that allowed me to do something meaningful and afforded me a lot of luxuries—like an ocean view house, a vacation home, a European convertible, island vacations, and expensive dinners out. I had married a lovely man and was pregnant with our first child. I even had a fulfilling side business as a professional artist having art shows at galleries. From what I let my friends and family see, surely, my life was worthy of envy. And that’s how my Small Self liked . . .

Few people guessed that something was eating away at my soul from the inside out. I was so worried people could see how dark it had gotten inside of me that I tried even harder to cover my darkness with a mask of perfection. The more worried I got that I would somehow blow my cover, the more pressure I put upon myself to keep the masks in place. But those masks only furthered my disconnection from my soul. I had the Doctor Mask, which led me to climb up onto a pedestal and pretend to know it all. Then I had the Artist Mask, where I pretended to be deep and brooding and mysterious. And then there was the Mommy Mask and the Perfect Wife Mask, which led me to feel the pressure of baking the perfect cupcake or always wearing sexy lingerie in bed. It was exhausting, trying to keep up appearances, when deep down, I felt so lost, lonely, scared, and vulnerable. I had many dark nights of the soul, and one night, after a particularly painful day at work where I felt like I had completely betrayed my spirit, I even considered suicide. But I was pregnant. Surely, I couldn’t do that to my baby.

I felt helpless, hopeless, and victimized, and my Small Self was too caught up in appearances to even seek out help. After all, I was a respected doctor, a pillar of my community. I thought I had to keep up the appearance of having it all together. Otherwise, who would trust me to take care of them?

Then my Perfect Storm blew through. Within two weeks of giving birth to my daughter, my dog died, my healthy young brother wound up in full blown liver failure as a rare side effect from the antibiotic Zithromax, and my beloved father passed away from a brain tumor. All hell broke loose, and my beleaguered spirit stood up and said, “NO MORE!”

After one nightmarish event at work, I finally decided to quit my job in conventional medicine in 2007. I now see that as a sentinel moment in the evolution of my soul. I swear that I was so out of alignment with my soul that the Universe took matters into its own hands and pushed me into circumstances that required me to take a stand for my Highest Self, and in doing so, my spiritual path of healing began.

Shortly after quitting my job, long before I ever wrote blogs or books or had any sort of “platform,” I wound up taking a writing workshop at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, where a quiet little voice inside me kept telling me I was supposed to go and meet someone. After ignoring the little voice for way too long, I finally gave in, and when I arrived at Esalen, the first woman I met asked me why I was there, and I said, “Because I’m supposed to meet someone here.”

After listening to a little bit of my story, she piped up and said, “Oh, you’re supposed to meet Rachel Naomi Remen.” I had never heard of Rachel. The second woman I met said, “Oh you’re supposed to meet Martha Beck.” I hadn’t heard of Martha either. I gobbled up everything both Martha and Rachel had ever written lickety-split, and I knew right then that I needed more of whatever it was these women were evoking in me. Through stories too long to tell here, both women became spiritual guides, mentors, and friends, and many mysterious, magical unfoldings helped save me from myself through some sort of inexplicable grace.

Under their care and guidance, some dim part of me I had almost lost touch with, the part I now call my “Inner Pilot Light,” began to flicker, and with the medicine of the writings and teachings of these two mentors, I started to feel whole again for the first time in years. Once the gash in my soul started mending, other parts of my life started falling into place. I started blogging and writing books and got in touch with my life’s purpose. Doing my soul’s work generated plenty of revenue so I could dig my family out of the hole of debt I had landed us in. Relationships I had nearly destroyed began to heal, and I started attracting new relationships into my life with people who were on the same kind of spiritual journey I was. As a result, my spiritual life, which I had long ago abandoned because my spirit didn’t resonate with the rigidity and judgments of my strict Christian upbringing, began to come back to life. I found myself on a path of growth and commitment to my own truth in a way that feels very authentic for me. My personal journey embraces many religious practices and beliefs without marrying me to any one, and has also included a heck of a lot of therapy and spiritual counseling, mostly aimed at dismantling my very hard-headed, controlling, skeptical, and resistant Small Self.

I didn’t quite realize at the time what I was signing up for when I stepped onto the spiritual path. I didn’t realize how much I would be asked to give up because so much of the comfort in my life was compromising the integrity of my soul. As Adyashanti writes in The End of Your World, “Make no mistake about it—enlightenment is a destructive process…Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth. It’s seeing through the facade of pretense. It’s the complete eradication of everything we imagined to be true.”

All I can say is “Amen to that!” Yet strangely, embarking upon this spiritual path is the best thing that ever happened to me because the prize for the hard work of shedding all the untruth has been a deep and abiding peace, an inner stillness that’s not vulnerable to the chaos of the outer world. Even when things aren’t going the way my Small Self wishes they would, something in me—call it my spirit, my soul, or my Inner Pilot Light—trusts that all is as it should be. This gives me the courage to say no to everything that doesn’t completely align with my truth. I don’t always get it right. It’s a constant practice of surrender and trust. I need a lot of support from my soul community, my mentors, and my spiritual guides. But it’s worth the effort. I wouldn’t change a this . . .

The strange side effect of all this spiritual work is that I was able to get off all seven medications I was taking, I feel like I’m more and more aligned with my true purpose in my career, the relationships that really nourish me are strengthening, and I feel truly, deeply fulfilled and happy—and I want you to feel the same kind of peaceful fulfillment.

We are at a potent time of evolution as human beings, and in order to step into what we must do in order to further this kind of spiritual evolution, each of us will be called to cleanse ourselves from all that holds us back—the attachment to the Small Self, the wounds of the past, the fears that constrict us, and the limiting beliefs that hold us back from fully aligning with Who We Really Are on the spiritual plane. Martha and I both feel deeply called to stand beside you as you journey towards your true self, in service not just to your own healing, but to the healing of nature, our species, and the planet. When we all heal together, we free ourselves, and when we are free of all that limits us, miracles will happen. We know. We’ve experienced this kind of magic personally, and you will to . . . when you’re ready.

Imagine this:

  • You awaken every morning with a sense of infinite joyful possibility
  • You notice yourself focusing more on what you have and less on what you don’t have
  • You feel more in alignment with your personal integrity
  • Those chronic feelings of depression, anxiety, and dissatisfaction are replaced by feelings of joy, inner peace, and contentment
  • You feel a greater satisfaction and more gratitude in your job, your relationships, and the life that you already have
  • Your sense of loneliness and separation dissipates, and you discover that love is all around you
  • A burst of positive emotions enlivens you with new energy for passions you’ve ignored
  • Your health begins to improve
  • Others recognize this shift in you and are magnetized to the light you emit when you live from the heart
  • You realize that the very things that you thought made you a victim are what made your strength grow in you
  • You remember that there’s hope for wholeness, that in fact, it never actually left you and you have been whole all along
  • You know that you’re not invisible in this world
  • You suddenly sense that YOU ARE ENOUGH, that there’s no need to be perfect, and that you are inherently worthy
  • You realize that you can make a difference in the world just exactly as you are
  • You have a felt sense that you are necessary to the evolution that is underway, that if you weren’t here, the whole world would be a less wonderful place
  • You feel not only healed yourself; you become a force for healing simply by being YOU

Because of your deep healing, you’re able to finally . . .

  • Clean up areas of your life that are out of alignment with your truth
  • Enjoy the deep relaxation of knowing you’re always guided and don’t have to make tough decisions alone
  • Find and fulfill your purpose in this life
  • Magnetize those who have done their own healing work and find your soul community
  • Attract healthy, enriching relationships
  • Realize long-delayed dreams that are leading you to your purpose
  • Open up a wellspring of co-creative expression as you recognize that you share the creativity of the Divine
  • Allow your body to return to its natural state of healthy homeostasis, once it no longer needs to communicate with you about ways in which you’re out of alignment with your truth
  • Enjoy the financial ease and comfort that tends to follow those who are aligned with their soul’s purpose
  • Feel the peace that fills you when you stop grasping for what the ego desires and start “loving what is,” as Byron Katie says

It all depends on your readiness . . . because none of this can
happen until you’re ready to take a leap of faith.

Are you ready?

Buy Now!

Why This Is the Perfect Time to Put Your Soul In Charge of Your Destiny

Most people tend to let life happen to them, or aggressively pursue what society teaches them they should want. We’ve tried both of these approaches and we’ve never seen either one of them lead to lasting happiness. Everything we’ve ever studied or experienced has taught us that to align with our best destiny, we must ignore almost everything society has taught us, and access the wisdom of our spirits. Then we must actively, courageously lead our life experience—including our reaction to things like social pressure—from that creative, wild, unpredictable, soulful core.

This is especially true right now, at this moment in human history. Never before has change hit so many people, so hard, so fast. Change is so rapid—and accelerating—that futurists say we are reaching a “singularity” where human life will be transforming so quickly they won’t be able to track it.

If you feel scared, tired, confused, or overwhelmed, you’re in good company. A lot of company. It’s a rough time. But it may not be as bad as it looks. In fact, it may be wonderful when you look at it as a collective wake up call that will ask all of us to make a choice. Will we let our egos run our lives (and our planet) or will we come home to our spirit?

What Will the Program Be Like?

This eight-week virtual workshop is designed to help those of us who feel stuck or frustrated, whose ways of living, striving, and connecting with others aren’t yielding lasting satisfaction, who are looking for purpose and peace in a world that seems increasingly, frighteningly turbulent. Maybe you’ve lost a relationship, seen a dream die, or achieved a goal only to find yourself still disappointed and unfulfilled. Whatever your particular challenge, putting your spirit in charge of your destiny is the most powerful solution available to you.

In Coming Home to Your Spirit, you’ll:

  • Release old, useless patterns by connecting with your deepest, wildest self
  • Realize that you are, and have always been, guided by your own spirit
  • Cope calmly and compassionately with others’ reactions to your authentic self
  • Find like-minded others to journey and celebrate with you
  • Experience a feeling of “entrainment” as the soul community of this program meets to drop into an energetic vibration of pure peace
  • Gain the strength, intuition, and confidence to handle the continuous changes that affect every human life.
  • Get turned on to the mystical “side effects” that can run hand in hand with dropping into a state of peace
  • Learn how spending as much time as possible in the state of peace you’ll feel during this teleclass can not only change your whole life; it will affect everything you touch, and everything that touches that, until the repercussions reach…well, pretty much everything

This virtual workshop program consists of 8 prerecorded ninety-minute teleclasses, which were originally taught live and have now been repurposed (and significantly discounted) for those of you who missed the live program. You will receive all 8 classes at once, so you can indulge in a binge-listening marathon, or you can take in each class at your own pace, as your soul (and your human bandwidth) is ready.

CLASS 1: The New Consciousness: What We’ve All Been Waiting For

What do we mean when we talk about letting your spirit lead your life? We’ll introduce you to this radical way of living in our first teleclass. We’ll also discuss the unprecedented shifts you can expect, as well as the symptoms of the New Consciousness (so you’ll know you’re one of us! Hint: you are definitely “one of us.” Everybody is—but not many know it yet).

CLASS 2: Accessing Your Inner Guidance

We’ll talk about the battle between cognitive mind and intuition, and help you understand how your body, your emotions, and your intuition help guide you towards what is aligned for your spirit. We’ll also talk about what happens when your consciousness begins to connect more clearly with this physical reality.

CLASS 3: Scared Bleepless? You’re On the Right Track

In The Tibetan Art of Serenity, Christopher Hansard said, “All fear is serenity that has not yet been understood.” Fear is not something to get rid of; it’s a finger pointing at everything in need of healing in your life. It’s also a sign that you’re probably on the right track! In this class, we’ll discuss how to come into right relationship with Uncertainty, peel back the socialization of culture so you can get to know Who You Really Are, drop your attachments, and free yourself to follow your spirit.

CLASS 4: Impeccable Alignment: Staying On Purpose No Matter What

In this class, we’ll focus on how to avoid getting seduced off-purpose, so you can commit fully to alignment with your soul’s integrity. We’ll also talk about the right use of anger, how to disconnect from what drains you in a healthy, loving way, and how peace simply can’t be accessed until you stop denying the truth.

CLASS 5: Relationships: Your Ultimate Teacher

We’ll discuss how to create your personal manifesto of boundaries and how to avoid resentment. We’ll also talk about how your feelings are under your own power and influence; what other people do is their business, and you never have to worry about it unless you want to. You not only can but must release your attachment to “making” others happy, or expecting them to make you happy. The great news is that you have absolute power to assure your own happiness, and this inevitably affects others for the better. If you let them, relationships can be a fascinating and enjoyable school for your spirit. This class will help you get your PhD!

CLASS 6: Sweet Surrender: Releasing Resistance to the New You

Surrender to what is at this moment—every moment—is the secret to peace. This concept is often misunderstood, but there’s nothing passive or helpless about surrender. It’s a constant practice to keep letting go of the ego’s tendency to grasp for what it wants. Our culture tells us never to surrender, so most of us aren’t very good at it. But if you can learn this one essential practice, you’ll make room to let your spirit take the lead. The prize, surprisingly, is great power, along with the deep peace of knowing you’ll always be all right.

CLASS 7: Rest, Relax, Refuel: Nourishment for the Journey

In this class, we’ll help you craft your daily spiritual practice so that everything you’ve learned in this program gets cemented in concrete, practical ways. This is the fun part, full of laughter, lightness, and ease. We can’t wait to celebrate it with you!

CLASS 8: Welcome Home

In this class, we’ll share more of our miracle stories, since sharing in this way can remind you what’s possible when you let your spirit take the lead. We’ll also invite you to share YOUR miracle stories (we KNOW you’ll have many.) Then we’ll set intentions, let them go (a crucial step to making magic, and prepare the energetic field to call in the miracles. Watch out! This is where sparks really start to fly!

Coming Home to Your Spirit Private Facebook Forum

Along with the 8 ninety-minute teleclasses you'll also receive access to a closed Facebook Group to allow you to connect with your fellow seekers who are participating in this class.

Plus, you’ll get this additional bonus content from Lissa & Martha

Make Your Body Ripe for Miracles Audio Course with Lissa and Martha

During this course, Martha and Lissa will prove to you that healing your body with the power of your mind is not only possible, it's what your body is made to do naturally. Your body is fully equipped with natural self-repair mechanisms that are flipped on or off with thoughts, beliefs, and feelings that originate in the mind but affect every cell in your body. And the actions of these self-repair mechanisms aren't random and you can learn how to activate them!

Good News: There’s Nothing You Need to Learn

A lot of our clients show up at courses like this one with notebooks and pens, ready to take notes and master new skills. If that describes you, we so admire your sincerity and devotion. Now put aside your notebook. There’s nothing in this course you have to achieve. There’s no new skill or information to master. There will be only guidance back to your true nature, and you don’t need anything new for that. You simply need to notice what you already are.

Lao Tzu wrote: “In the pursuit of knowledge, every day something is added. In the pursuit of enlightenment, every day something is dropped.” In this program, you’ll learn a lot—but don’t sweat anything! You’ll get the most out of the course if you relax and allow these experiences to sink in, without effort or striving. We’ve all done a lot of striving in our lives, and very little of it brought us closer to our destiny. The moments of peace and ease really are the way home.

So please, learn from our mistakes. We’re here to save you time and trouble, to help you feel your spirit, to give you space to feel bad about your hardships, and to rejoice with you when you feel yourself coming home.

Make The Commitment to Coming Home to Your Spirit Today!

Though we both offer live workshops from time to time, we wanted to offer this virtual workshop in order to serve as many of you as possible from anywhere in the world. We’ve been blessed to have some of you physically present with us in places like Africa, Pismo Beach, Esalen, and Kripalu, but we decided to offer this workshop on-line so we could keep the cost at a minimum, and help as many people as possible come home to their spirits.

Your investment for this 8-week virtual workshop is $197.

Register for
Coming Home to Your Spirit
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We’re confident that you’ll be completely satisfied with your investment in this program. That’s why this program is backed by our personal, 14-day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our Personal 100% Money Back Guarantee

You have a full 14 days to participate in the program, and if, after 14 days, you don’t feel like your soul is further on its journey to healing, you can just let us know and we’ll process a complete refund of your purchase price. Simply contact our support team at info@lissarankin.com.

Purchases are non-transferable.

Yes, I’m Ready to Come Home to My Spirit!

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I also understand that I have a full 14 days to review the program and that my investment is backed by our personal, money-back guarantee.

On that basis, please accept my order.

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Have questions? Contact us at info@lissarankin.com and we'll reply back within 24 hours!

We hope you’ll let your spirit guide you if this program is right for you. Because the world needs you, your love, your service, and all that you have to give.

We can’t wait to bear witness to your blossoming.

With love and faith in your capacity to heal,


Martha Beck, PhD





Lissa Rankin, MD